Mechanical Surf Rider

A summer party or event is fun that can be had on our mechanical surfboard. The surf machine is Ideal as an attraction or an amusement . The surf machine operates from dead slow for beginners to wipe out mode for the regular surfers. Ride our mechanical surfboard at your next event. All ages can ride over the height of 1.3m+

Suitable Age:
Must be 1.2m+
Area required: 7m x 7m
Requirements: Pegs or weights hold secure
Riders per hour: Up to 60

Carousel 8 Horse

The children's carousel has 8 horses and compact enough to fit in some indoor locations. It is great for Fetes, preschool events and birthday parties.

Suitable Age:
Children can ride with adult
Area required: 8m diameter
Operator: One
Riders per hour: 270
Power: 1 x 10 amp outlet

Cha Cha

The Cha-Cha ride is one of our favourites this the most sought after major ride around. The Cha Cha is used only for large events as it takes up to 36 passengers at one time.

Age/height restriction: Must be 1.1m
(if not accompanied by an adult)
Area required: 18m x 18m
Power: Generator supplied
Throughput per hour: 420
Operator: Two Weight: 12 tonne

Dodgem Cars

Everybody loves Dodgem Cars you can Bump, spin and chase your friends down. Enjoy the ride and the music while you have loads of fun. This is a full size retro Dodgem arena and will be best suited for a large area event.

Age/height restriction:
3 plus can ride with adult
Area required: 15m x 20m
Power: Generator supplied
Throughput per hour: 280
Weight: 30 tonne

Trackless Train

Our Trackless Train seats Children and Adults which can be operated in areas with a flat surface. Thomas and his Friends carriages are extremely popular for the young ones. Adding extra excited to your event.

Our Safety driver will ensure all children are riding Happy whilst blowing the whistle and waving to fans. All enquiries welcome.

Bad Boys II

The Bad Boys 2 Ride is definitely one of our largest and fastest rides we provide, this ride will shake up any crowd and is perfect for a local fair or event. Its quite large and will need a large area for setup.

Age/height restriction:
1.3m height plus
Area required: 17m x 9m
Power: Generator supplied
Throughput per hour: 400
Operator: Two Weight: 18 tonne


The Hurricane holds 4 adults or 6 children per carriage. There are 6 carriages in total. A great thrill ride as it spins around in a clockwise direction and lifts up and down. The Hurricane is a 40ft round circle and it reaches 60ft when elevated. It takes 1 minute to load and unload riders with a 4 minute ride.

Age/height restriction:
1.1m height or over
Area required: 20m x 20m
Power: Generator supplied
Throughput per hour: 300
Operator: Two Weight: 20 tonne

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